1990 - A dream


2010 - A Reality

After all the years of planning, meetings, bazzarings, BBQings and all the ..ings that the RKSOBs had undertaken to see the fulfillment of the dream that was started by our forefathers, GOD choose 2009 as the year that he will call together all that he has chosen to fulfill this dream.

In the beginning of 2009, there was a lot of discussion over the RKSOB network on the status of RKS (school) academically, morally and in sports. Many ideas were raised and so was also many problems. I take my hat off to my naita Rt Isireli Vesikula from Ucunivanua, Verata for challenging us on the status of the place of worship that was started by our forefathers. Unless only we complete the RKS Chapel all our efforts to lift the standard of RKS will be in-vain. His conviction was also accepted by many old scholars and so a meeting of all RKSOBs was called and held at the Epworth Hall in Suva. This was the meeting that I can confidently say was the beginning of the coming together of the chosen ones that would see the fulfillment of the dream which we now see as a reality.

There were altogether 3 fundraising held in 2009 all in a space of a few months. The first being in April held at Sukuna Park in Suva with the RKS PTA, the second in August hosted by the Nadi RKSOB and the third at Furnival Park, Suva hosted by the  Suva RKSOB. Altogether the RKSOBs raised  $350K during the 3 events.

In October the RKSOB technical committee decided to give the completion of the dream to the Public Works Department, whilst we the RKSOBs will continue to raise the funds for the fulfillment of the dream. All the major works on the fulfillment of the dream was completed in December with the exception of a few minor which they are completing in February and March prior to the opening of the RKS Chapel in April.

The dream of building a proper place of worship (church) for Ratu Kadavulevu School (RKS) first began when our  forefathers first settle in Lodoni in the early part of the last century. With the desire to achieve their dream they often have monthly church offerings which was kept aside for that purpose. During this time, worship at RKS was always held in various places, from Bures in the 1930s-40s Cakobau Hall 1940s - 1960s, Dinning Hall 1960s- 1980s and then today the RKS Hall (CCC)- Cinema, Club and Church. The students often use the hall on Saturdays for watching movies, during a social visit from ACS and BMS as a dance hall and for church service every Sunday.

It was in 1990, the RKSOB leaders at that time (late RKSOSA President Master Ilai Kuli, late RKSOSA Patron Sentor Jale Vasutoga and a few others whom have passed away with our current patron Rev Manasa Lasaro then finally decided that the RKSOSA (RKSOB) shall taken upon themselves to complete what was a dream of the forefathers of the school.

Progress of the fulfillment of the dream was not easy. There were many obstacles and the most prominent of them all was the lack of the necessary fund that was required for the completion of the dream. However the the RKSOSA leaders at that time still believed that we could see fulfillment of the dream and so they were not discouraged and bearing all the burdens and constraints they continued on.



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